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What is passion actually?

Passion is a very strong emotion. The object of excitement can be a hobby, an interest, a job, or an idea.
But when you talk about passion in love relationships, it is a burning form of love for the person being worshiped.
A powerful desire to be close to your partner and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you are with your partner.
Although it comes from the word suffering, most of the time it has a positive meaning, although it can cause a lot of pain and heartache if the person being worshiped does not reciprocate these strong…

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How does the Cancer man tick?

A Cancer man is definitely not an alpha man . But he doesn’t need to be one either.
He could best be described as the best friend who always supports you and who is always ready to offer you life counseling. Empathetic Cancer always has advice ready for everyone.
But when he has problems himself, he becomes anxious and very often withdraws. That is why you have to be careful with it.
He’s kind and caring, which some try to take advantage of, but he’s also smart and pretty good at recognizing who has bad intentions…

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What is empathy?

The ancient Greek word empathy (“em” — in, in, into and “pathos” — sensory life ) describes the recognition of emotions in other people and the understanding of perspective and attitudes towards life.
Or, as is often said, empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes.
If you are empathetic, you can think outside of your limits, so to speak, and not just focus on yourself.
But empathy is more than that, it is in a certain way the feeling of pain, of someone else’s suffering that you also feel, but also feelings like happiness and joy.

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Tips on how to overcome broken friendship and disappointment
Unfortunately, I don’t have a panacea that can solve all your problems in seconds. But I have these tips for you on how you can best deal with disappointment in friendship.
1. Give yourself another chance

Before you take such a big step as breaking off your friendship with a good friend , ask yourself if you are 100% sure that he hurt you on purpose.
Maybe he’s not even aware that his behavior was wrong, maybe he didn’t mean to harm you.
Think of all the good times you two had together and…

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Is she in love with me 15 signs that will open your eyes

As already mentioned, women are different from each other and you would never compare your dream woman to other women , but they still have certain behavioral patterns that come to light when a woman is in love.
If you recognize these behavior patterns in your lady of the heart, it is a good sign, because it means that she is in love with you and that you can now take the next step with a clear conscience.
Well, or if you don’t dare to take the first…

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What can lead to a breakup?

The reasons for separation are completely different from couple to couple, because each couple is individual and each couple has their own disruptive factors that have led to the relationship.
But since you are looking for the answer on how to slowly approach each other again after a breakup, I am sure that there were no serious reasons for the breakup.
Maybe you tried a fresh start, everyone had a new boyfriend or girlfriend, but the new partners by your side couldn’t hide the memories of the old love.
And now you stand in front of…

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What is flirting and what is the easiest way to tell?

When mere mortals are asked what flirting is, they often get the same answer: make someone beautiful, charm them and cast a spell over them so that they lose their feet when they see you.
But if you ask about the scientific definition of flirting, you can say, according to Duden, that flirting is an expression of affection through a certain behavior, through gestures, looks or joking words, example: a little flirtation.
Various scientific books describe flirting as a kind of game that takes place between two people who are…

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1. He will be there on time when he says it

If a man is secretly in love with you, he won’t fool you.
If he says he’ll be there at 8:00 p.m., for example, he’ll be there at 7:50 a.m. sharp. Just to avoid having to wait for him.
This is a sign that he respects you and that he wants you to feel good.
He wants you to feel unique and he will do anything to give you the things you need.
If you’ve been lucky enough to hang out with a gentleman like this, you should know that he knows what…

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Understanding Libra and Aries

The Libra is the seventh sign of the horoscope, which includes people who were born in the period from 23 September to 22 October.
The ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of femininity and aesthetics, which is responsible for making Libra-born people extremely attractive and charming people.
Libra are extremely social people who always have lots of friends. They get on well with most people and fit into any society because they can find a common language with everyone.
They love to chat and are valued in society for their wisdom and intelligence. Most of all, they…

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How do I tell him I love him? 7 things to consider
1. Be sure of your feelings

First things first: are you just in love or do you really love him? Because the difference is huge.
Falling in love is a state in which hormones rush through our bodies and separate us from the reality in which we live.
Dopamine and serotonin are responsible for the great happiness we feel when we are around a loved one.
It is not said for no reason that someone drives us crazy because it really is. When we’re in love it’s like we’re no longer…

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